beroNet releases Appliance Product

beroNet has today released it’s appliance product. It contains a beroFix card and thus is a modular device with 2 module slots (BRI/PRI/ANALOG/GSM available).

The device runs with an Atom CPU, 2GB RAM and an SSD. It has no moving parts, which means it suits perfectly for IPPBX systems.

With this step beroNet will leverage it’s product range to a new level. beroNets partners will benefit from using the appliance in their VoIP Projects.

Read more here.

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beroFix App “WebTI” enables Click2Dial

The new WebTI app for beroFix enables very simple Click2Dial solutions. The WebTI App results in a REST Telephony API, which means you can start a call to every berofix Technology (ISDN, GSM, Analog) from your webbrowser via http+URL.

One API call is “connect”, it works as follows:

http request send to berofix, with the URL:


  • cmd=connect  – start a call
  • destination=0123 – to destination 0123
  • source=15 – with Extension 15

First of all a call to the Phone with extension 15 is established, when the phone goes offhook, the call to destination 0123 is created and connected to the one with extension 15.

Think about the possibilities!

It is now very simple to add Click2Dial Functionality with a firefox plugin. The plugin simply hooks into the “right-click” menu, whenevery a telephone number is selected. When you click on “call this”, you are directly connected with your phone to the destination number.



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mobile to fixed conversion with berofix and Disa

With the new asterisk app and Disa it is now simply possible to realize a very nice mobile integration into your existing PBX.

Let’s assume you’ve got a good old PSTN PBX (like from Siemens, Avaya, Alcatel or any other) that speaks ISDN PRI or BRI. Now you want to have a mobile extension for your external sales employee that runs to your customers to sell your products.

Just put berofix with a GSM module between your PBX and the PSTN like this:

PSTN <–> beroFix <—> PBX

beroFix will now route every call from PSTN to PBX and every call from PBX to PSTN, which makes the PBX feel as comfortable as it was before when it was connected directly to the PSTN.

Next step is to route the GSM traffic to your external sales guy via the GSM module of berofix to the air and thus to the mobile phone of your sales guy.

Let’s assume the sales guy has a smartphone and installs an app that allows him to send hist phonebook entries via DTMF to berofix.

Inbound GSM calls to beroFix will be routed to the asterisk app and the disa application is  started, it will reroute the call back either to the PBX to create an inbound call in the PBX or out via the fixed line with a definable extension, to make an outbound call with the callerid of the office and the costs of a land line call.


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berocapi the Lancapi (Capi over Lan) for berofix

With beroCapi you can use any capi based Faxserver together with beroFix. beroFix is the SIP Gateway and beroCapi is a SIP2Capi application which simply connects via SIP to berofix.

Details on how beroCapi is installed togehter with beroFix can be found here:


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Fax on berofix

The Idea is to have a t38modem + Hylafax running as a beroFix App. It’s quite hard to cross compile t38modem and even harder hylafax.

t38modem is done now and runs on beroFix :-) hylafax is in progress. Unfortunately Hylafax is not prepared for cross-compilation at all.

I did some tests with efax and could transmit a hello world fax already :-)

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embedded asterisk now with epic basic GUI

The baf Sample Asterisk Package can now be fetched via GIT:

git clone git://

It contains now a filemanager GUI and a reload link. With the filemanger it is now possible to edit the following major files:

  • extensions.conf – dialplan of asterisk
  • sip.conf – SIP Phones and Trunks

It is also Possible to upload files. You can for example upload an audio-file into the sound directory, to play it later in the extensions.conf.

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baf via git

The berofix app framework is now downloadable via git from

git clone git://

from this repository you can receive updates when the baf framework has changed.

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embedded asterisk on berofix

beronet has now released a nice sample app for berofix. It contains a fully embedded asterisk. With this option it is possible to put specific telecomunication tasks in the berofix firmware without the requirement of an additional full size computer.

A number of possible applications arise:

  • IVRs
  • voicemail
  • playback of messages
  • DISA
  • Callback

berofix is embedded and has no running parts, it consumes less then 5W of power and is still able to hande 120 concurrent calls. It’s an ideal plattform for any telefony-tasks.

Find more information on:

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berofix application framework

beronet has recently developed  an app development framework called “baf” (berofix application framework). It allows developers to easily create telephony applications that run stand alone on a berofix gateway.

More information can be found at the beronet developer wiki.

Web 2.0 Developer that have used MVC based frameworks will find it easy to use baf, since it borrows some ideas of such frameworks (like rails or yii).

You can download the package and install it on a linux machine (you can also use it in a virtual box on windows). After installation you will have the command line tool “baf” where you can create an application with:

baf create hello-world

In the hello-world directory you will find a “template” subdirectory which contains the directory structure for the resulting application on berofix. Here you can simply create a index.php file under:


just fill it with:

<? php echo “hello world” ?>

Now type in

baf make

and in the “pkg” directory you will find the resulting package, which is called: userappfs-$date.tar.gz

As soon as you’ve installed this userappfs in your beroFix (GUI->Management->Firmware Update), you will see an “Apps” menu entry in the main menu. Under it you will find your app “hello world”. Just klick it and see what happens :-)

For more advanced apps you can install an asterisk that is pre-compiled for berofix. This can simply be done with baf:

baf module install asterisk-bin

You will find installed modules in the modules directory.

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Asterisk BRI Card

beroNet’s beroFix400 card is combinable with their bf4s0 module. This combination creates an 4Port BRI Card, available with PCI and PCIe. It can also be combined with a second 4Port BRI Module and thus create a 8Port BRI Card.

These cards can be used in any Asterisk Version very easily, because they are simply configured via SIP. These cards create a second ethernet interface in the computer, so you simply give them an IP address. There is no additional driver necessary. Calls are established via SIP.

To integrate the card in asterisk, you can follow this quick tutorial.

asterisk bri card

Asterisk BRI Card

This card has several Features including Echocancelation, T.38 Fax over IP Transport and Codec Translation (G.729 and G.723).

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