The first problem with 2.0-beta-1 and analog was that analog didn’t work at all because the drivers where not included in the Firmware (that’s why it is beta ;-) ). Then there where also a few GUI issues.The work on the 2.0-beta-2 is still in progress. Today we found another issue: Phantom Rings on FXO lines.

Today we learnt, that there are different Ring threshold Voltages on different FXS lines. Some countries Ring between 13V and 16V other between 20V-23V and other between 40V-46V.  The Silab Chip can be configured to detect one of those modes, so it must be configured.

If it is configured wrong, then the IDLE Frequency could already be detected as a Ringing, everytime when the state changes between offhook and onhook. Luckily the Silabs chip can be configured correctly and the phantom rings disappear.

I guess, tomorrow an option to the fxo driver can be added and the GUI needs to be adapted, which means a release can be done between Thursday and Friday. This gives us a little more time to probably detect more issues!

Btw. another small issue arose at a friendly customer (Kic) who tested 2.0-beta-1 at his ISDN Box: he tried to upgrade from a 1.12-rc5 which resulted in messing up the whole application Filesystem! The Problem was that in 1.12-rc5 two Firmware-Slots where available, so that the 2.0-beta-1 was beside the 1.12-rc5, which is simply impossible because the Flash is too small for that. The 2.0 Firmware is much bigger because it has a lot more Software inside.

beroNet already removed the support to hold more than one Firmware in 1.12, so the safest way is to upgrade to 1.12 first and then to upgrade to 2.0-beta-1.  Also since 1.13-rc3 there is a Check for corrupt Application Filesystems, so that such an issue can’t happen anymore. beroNet already pointed that problem out on it’s wiki.

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