Asterisk BRI Card

beroNet’s beroFix400 card is combinable with their bf4s0 module. This combination creates an 4Port BRI Card, available with PCI and PCIe. It can also be combined with a second 4Port BRI Module and thus create a 8Port BRI Card.

These cards can be used in any Asterisk Version very easily, because they are simply configured via SIP. These cards create a second ethernet interface in the computer, so you simply give them an IP address. There is no additional driver necessary. Calls are established via SIP.

To integrate the card in asterisk, you can follow this quick tutorial.

asterisk bri card

Asterisk BRI Card

This card has several Features including Echocancelation, T.38 Fax over IP Transport and Codec Translation (G.729 and G.723).

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