berofix application framework

beronet has recently developed¬† an app development framework called “baf” (berofix application framework). It allows developers to easily create telephony applications that run stand alone on a berofix gateway.

More information can be found at the beronet developer wiki.

Web 2.0 Developer that have used MVC based frameworks will find it easy to use baf, since it borrows some ideas of such frameworks (like rails or yii).

You can download the package and install it on a linux machine (you can also use it in a virtual box on windows). After installation you will have the command line tool “baf” where you can create an application with:

baf create hello-world

In the hello-world directory you will find a “template” subdirectory which contains the directory structure for the resulting application on berofix. Here you can simply create a index.php file under:


just fill it with:

<? php echo “hello world” ?>

Now type in

baf make

and in the “pkg” directory you will find the resulting package, which is called: userappfs-$date.tar.gz

As soon as you’ve installed this userappfs in your beroFix (GUI->Management->Firmware Update), you will see an “Apps” menu entry in the main menu. Under it you will find your app “hello world”. Just klick it and see what happens :-)

For more advanced apps you can install an asterisk that is pre-compiled for berofix. This can simply be done with baf:

baf module install asterisk-bin

You will find installed modules in the modules directory.

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