mobile to fixed conversion with berofix and Disa

With the new asterisk app and Disa it is now simply possible to realize a very nice mobile integration into your existing PBX.

Let’s assume you’ve got a good old PSTN PBX (like from Siemens, Avaya, Alcatel or any other) that speaks ISDN PRI or BRI. Now you want to have a mobile extension for your external sales employee that runs to your customers to sell your products.

Just put berofix with a GSM module between your PBX and the PSTN like this:

PSTN <–> beroFix <—> PBX

beroFix will now route every call from PSTN to PBX and every call from PBX to PSTN, which makes the PBX feel as comfortable as it was before when it was connected directly to the PSTN.

Next step is to route the GSM traffic to your external sales guy via the GSM module of berofix to the air and thus to the mobile phone of your sales guy.

Let’s assume the sales guy has a smartphone and installs an app that allows him to send hist phonebook entries via DTMF to berofix.

Inbound GSM calls to beroFix will be routed to the asterisk app and the disa application isĀ  started, it will reroute the call back either to the PBX to create an inbound call in the PBX or out via the fixed line with a definable extension, to make an outbound call with the callerid of the office and the costs of a land line call.


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