beroFix App “WebTI” enables Click2Dial

The new WebTI app for beroFix enables very simple Click2Dial solutions. The WebTI App results in a REST Telephony API, which means you can start a call to every berofix Technology (ISDN, GSM, Analog) from your webbrowser via http+URL.

One API call is “connect”, it works as follows:

http request send to berofix, with the URL:


  • cmd=connect  – start a call
  • destination=0123 – to destination 0123
  • source=15 – with Extension 15

First of all a call to the Phone with extension 15 is established, when the phone goes offhook, the call to destination 0123 is created and connected to the one with extension 15.

Think about the possibilities!

It is now very simple to add Click2Dial Functionality with a firefox plugin. The plugin simply hooks into the “right-click” menu, whenevery a telephone number is selected. When you click on “call this”, you are directly connected with your phone to the destination number.



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